Undergraduate Internship in European and Digital History

George L. Mosse Program Undergraduate Intern in European and Digital History

Each year the Mosse Program selects 1-3 UW-Madison History Department undergraduate students for the George L. Mosse Program Undergraduate Internship in European and Digital History. Selected students gain experience in digital humanities, public history, and the library sciences. They work with units across campus, including UW Archives, UW Libraries Special Collections, the Oral History Program, the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

2024.05.03 - Mosse Program Interns
3 May 2024: Stella Richards, Maddy McDonald, Rose Weithaus, Aideen Gabbai, Theodore Xing

Mosse Digital Intern Blog Posts:

2023.10 – Rose Weithaus, “How George L. Mosse’s Scholarship Speaks to the Importance of History Today
2022.09 – Maddy McGlone, “Archiving the Everyday and the Historian’s Craft
2022.06 – Jack Styler, “My Year with the UW-Madison Oral History Program
2022.05 – Anastasia Bruss, “Trials, Tribulations, and the Community of Badgers
2022.04 – Jack Styler, “Those ‘Confrontational Days’: Remembering Madison’s LBGTQ+ Early Activists through Oral Histories”
2020.04 – Claire Hitter, Nicholas O’Connell, “Digitizing 1914: Then Came Armageddon
2019.11 – Claire Hitter, “Memories of Memorial Union: The Preservation of Campus History at University Archives
2019.10 – Nicholas O’Connell, “The Fry Collection: Life in Early Twentieth-Century Italy
2019.01 – Claire Hitter, “Listening to the Past: How Oral Histories Keep Legacies Alive
2019.01 – Piper Brown-Kingsley, “Learning the Importance of Personal Histories

Right: Claire Hitter, Left: Piper Brown-Kingsley working on cataloging oral histories at the Wisconsin Historical Society
Right: Claire Hitter, Left: Piper Brown-Kingsley working on cataloging oral histories at the Wisconsin Historical Society

Previous Mosse Interns:

2024-2025 Stella Richards

2024-2025 Theodore Xing

2023-2025 Aideen Gabbai

2023-2024 Maddy McDonald

2022-2023 Rachel Lynch

2022-2025 Rose Weithaus

2021-2022 Anastasia Lynn Bruss

2021-2022 Maddy McGlone

2021-2022 Jack Styler

2020-2021 Emmaline Soderholm

2019-2020 Nicholas O’Connell

2018-2020 Claire Hitter

2018-2019 Piper Brown-Kingsley

2017-2018 Emma Strenski

Emma Strenski was the inaugural 2017-2018 George L. Mosse Program Intern. She graduated in May 2018 with majors in History and International Studies.

In the fall of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, I oversaw the creation of a digital history exhibition to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War I in partnership with the Wisconsin State Historical Society. The photographs were taken by Eduard Frankl, a press photographer based in Berlin, Germany, taken during World War I from 1914 to 1916. The photographs concern the German war effort, and include scenes in and around Berlin, Poland, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Allied prisoners of war, refugees, and the battlefront throughout Europe. This archive has approximately 1,500 photographs. I scanned each photo separately, added it to the Wisconsin Historical Society Database, translated the caption from German to English, and tagged the search criteria for the image. This process took approximately six months to complete and the images are currently hosted on the Wisconsin Historical Society website.