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Press Series CollageThe Mosse Press Series promotes the vibrant international collaboration and community that historian George L. Mosse created during his lifetime by publishing major innovative works by outstanding scholars in European cultural and intellectual history. The Mosse Series publishes in three categories:

  1. Books in the English language based on the biennial Mosse Lectures given by a noted scholar chosen by the Mosse Program Committee.
  2. Outstanding original English-language manuscripts in European cultural and intellectual history, selected by a five-member Mosse Series Editorial Committee made up of faculty from the history departments at UW–Madison and the Hebrew University and a representative of the UW Press.
  3. English translations of books in European cultural and intellectual history. The Mosse Press Series does not provide translation grants or subventions. The series Editorial Committee must approve the choice to include a translated book in the series and approve the quality of the translation.

Praise for newest Series book by Mary Gluck:
“A magnificently consequential book. Gluck examines the vibrant modernist culture created largely by secular Jews in Budapest, in counterpoint to a backward-looking, nationalistic Hungarian establishment and a conservative Jewish religious elite.”
—Scott Spector, author of Violent Sensations: Sex, Crime, and Utopia in Vienna and Berlin, 1860–1914

“Gluck’s argument is so brilliant, perceptive, and clear that one can forget what a radical challenge it is to received opinion.”
—Steven Beller, author of Rethinking Vienna 1900

“Mary Gluck’s retrieval, indeed her illumination of this lost cultural world is so powerful exactly because it leaves room for its darker side. She has descended into the underbelly of the golden age of Hungarian Jewry and emerged with a diamond.”
Hungarian Historical Review

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