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The Italian educator and physician Maria Montessori (1870–1952) is best known for the teaching method that bears her name. She was also a lifelong pacifist, although historians tend to consider her writings on this topic as secondary to her pedagogy. In The Best Weapon for Peace, Erica Moretti reframes Montessori’s pacifism as the foundation for her educational activism, emphasizing her vision of the classroom as a gateway to reshaping society. Montessori education offers a child-centered learning environment that cultivates students’ development as peaceful, curious, and resilient adults opposed to war and invested in societal reform.

“This volume reframes the life and work of Maria Montessori within the context of international peace studies. She deserves recognition as a pioneer who faced gender barriers and nevertheless almost won the Nobel Peace Prize. Moretti gracefully weaves portraits of historical topics into this narrative of Montessori’s intellectual life.”
– Mary Gibson, CUNY

New Mosse Series book out now!

Respectability and Violence traces the relationship between civic virtues and military values from the post-Risorgimento period through the end of World War I, when the trauma of trench warfare made it necessary to again redefine ideas of chivalry and manliness and to accept violence as a necessary tool in defense of society and state. The language of conflict and attitudes about war forged in these decades—characterized by patriotism, heroism, and sacrifice—shaped the cultured bourgeoise into loyalists who ushered in Italy’s transition to a powerful Fascist political system. This unique study of the officer is crucial for understanding the military, social, and political history of Italy.

“A valuable and irreplaceable contribution to the study of Italian society at the turn of the twentieth century.”
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In this George L. Mosse Program Oral History, listen to Seymour Drescher discuss arriving in Madison in 1955, meeting Mosse, and being in Paris in 1968:

In this episode of “Confronting History,” we discuss with Professor Monica Black her new book, A Demon-Haunted Land: Witches, Wonder Doctors, and the Ghosts of the Past in Post-WWII Germany (Metropolitan Books, 2020).

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The third volume in the Collected Works of George L. Mosse is now available for purchase: The Crisis of German Ideology: Intellectual Origins of the Third Reich. Pick up a copy today!

“Mosse has convincingly depicted the combination of the racist idea with nationalism, theosophy, social reform, the youth movement, and agrarianism and their tie to the politics of the Right in Germany…[he] has dredged through the cultural muck of völkisch literature and produced an invaluable guide for any future explorations in this field.”
– Journal of Modern History

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Congratulations Tamar Herzig on winning the Dorothy Rosenberg Prize for the history of the Jewish diaspora for her new book A Convert’s Tale: Art, Crime and Jewish Apostasy in Renaissance Italy (Harvard, 2019).

Congratulations David Warren Sabean for receiving the AHA Award for Scholarly Distinction.

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