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1960 - Mosse Lecturing at UW-Madison
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The Mosse Program supports and sustains an international scholarly community informed by multiple perspectives and cultural traditions exemplified by George L. Mosse. » Learn More

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Read the blog post exchange between Kilian Harrer and Paul Breines on Mosse’s reading of Foucault.

Watch the panel on Mosse and the 1960s from the Madison Reunion:

2018 - Mosse LecturesWe are working on a biographical video on Mosse’s life, you can watch the introduction here:

  • UW-Madison alumnus, Sidney Iwanter, discusses recording Professor Mosse’s lectures in 1971. Two of the lectures he discusses will be used in our forthcoming Continuing Studies course, “European Racism, Antisemitism, and the Fate of Liberalism, 1890-1945.” The next class will run from 22 January – 10 March 2019, for more information about the course or to register visit call 608-262-2451. Below you can watch a trailer for the class:












Mosse Materials (Visit the Archive tab):2014_-_Thorkelson_-_You_Had_to_Be_There_back_cover

Upcoming Events:

2018.10.25 - Enzo Traverso - History, MemoryRacism,-Antisemitism,-and-the-Fate-of-Liberalism-Poster-03-1

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