Mosse Europe conference
1960 - Mosse Lecturing at UW-Madison
Berlin-Reichstags Gebaude

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Join the Mosse Program in Berlin for our forthcoming conference:Mosse's Europe-logos

Two new books out now in the Mosse Series!

Noack-Mosse, Theresienstadt

Herzog, Unlearning Eugenics



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Listen to Professor Dagmar Herzog discuss Unlearning Eugenics with Professor Michael O’Sullivan on the New Books Network.

UW-Madison History PhD student Chad Gibbs here examines Eva Noack-Mosse’s Theresienstadt memoir in light of recent developments in the field of Holocaust Studies, “A Journalist’s Pen and a Survivor’s Spirit.”

Professor Martina Cucchiara has recently published a piece on Noack-Mosse for the Mosse Blog, “Reflections on the Persecution of ‘Privileged’ Jews in Nazi Germany.”












Mosse Materials (Visit the Archive tab):2014_-_Thorkelson_-_You_Had_to_Be_There_back_cover

Upcoming Events:

2019.06.11 - Lou Roberts- Rape Hysteria

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