AHA George L. Mosse Prize, 2000-

The American Historical Association George L. Mosse Prize was established in 2000 with funds donated by former students, colleagues, and friends of Professor Mosse, eminent scholar of European history. The prize is awarded annually for an outstanding major work of extraordinary scholarly distinction, creativity, and originality in the intellectual and cultural history of Europe since the Renaissance.

"I am deeply honored to be the 2021 recipient of the The George L. Mosse Prize. The prize is particularly meaningful to me because it is named after a remarkable and inspiring scholar, impactful teacher, a refugee, and immigrant. His scholarship spanned from the sixteenth century to the twentieth and was marked by erudition, breadth, and depth. He was both a scholar who confronted history and an individual who was also a part of history. His work continues to resonate in our times."

Magda Teter, 2021