AHA George L. Mosse Prize, 2000-

The American Historical Association George L. Mosse Prize was established in 2000 with funds donated by former students, colleagues, and friends of Professor Mosse, eminent scholar of European history. The prize is awarded annually for an outstanding major work of extraordinary scholarly distinction, creativity, and originality in the intellectual and cultural history of Europe since the Renaissance.

I am so deeply honored to be the recipient of The George L. Mosse Prize in 2022. Like many historians, I became enamored with Mosse's writings as a young student seeking answers to some of our most fundamental questions about the conjoined nature and function of racism and culture in European history. Reading Mosse for the first time felt like a relief. I'd found a guide who could shepherd me through histories of fascism, nationalism, and modernity, and whose thinking could push me to improve my own. Mosse was and remains the model of a scholar and a teacher whose work not only interrogates the past but also transforms our present.

Kira Thurman, 2022