Mosse Peer Advisors

“My role as a Peer Advisor, however, extends far beyond the technical support I provide for my peers. … Through my conversations, I’ve recognized the common ground that unites those in our field: a desire to understand the foundations of our world, a love for learning, and a determination to become a critical thinker.”

Isabelle Cook, 2021

George L. Mosse History Peer Advisors:

The George L. Mosse Peer Advisor program was established in 2004 as a collaboration between the Mosse Program and the UW History Department. Our Peer Advisors are advanced history majors trained in student services. Isabelle Cook and Jack Halverson can respond to a wide variety of questions pertaining to the History major and studying at UW-Madison more broadly. They can also declare the History major.

George Mosse with Students in Madison
George Mosse with students, 1982 – superimposed with Scott Burkhardt and Peer Advisors, Danielle Wais, Megan Ness, Isaac Lee, and Undergraduate Career Advisor Lindsay Kindschy, 2015.

Peer Advisor Testimonials:

My job is fun, but I also think it’s important. The kind of help and advice Henry (the other peer advisor) and I give students makes a real difference in their experiences as history majors at the UW. In working with such a large and interesting pool of History majors, I’ve learned a lot about how to tailor my communication efforts to people’s specific needs. I’ve also learned a lot about how to get involved on campus, and how to encourage other students to plug in to all of the resources Madison has to offer.

– Zach Edin, 2008

Isaac lee, Scott Burkhardt, Yuka Shiotani, Alison Miron, Maren Harris
Isaac lee, Scott Burkhardt, Yuka Shiotani, Alison Miron, Maren Harris, 2017.

Students come to my office with a variety of concerns, questions and aspirations and we work together to develop a plan to assure the best possible experience for them in the History program. This includes study abroad planning, enrollment questions, and my favorite, course planning. While most student have relatively straightforward needs, creating an effective plan for more complex circumstances is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of my work with students.

– Megan Ness, 2015

Every day, I see and experience the value of the Mosse Undergraduate Peer Advisor program. Whether I’m making course schedules with students, crunching numbers to ensure someone can graduate on time, recommending classes or discussing what someone can do with a History major, my belief that this program makes a difference is confirmed constantly by students’ praise, feedback and increased use of the advising resources offered by the History department.

– Catherine Diao, 2011

mosse in tshirt
2017: Mosse graphic to help promote History Club t-shirt.

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