Anat SternAnat Stern

Mosse Post-Doc Fellow
Visiting assistant Professor

Education: PhD: Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2011); MA: Hebrew University (2003); BA: Hebrew University (1999)/

Bio Sketch:

I am a historian of Israel specializing in military legal history in the first half of the twentieth century. My broad research and teaching interests lie in the connections between society, law and the military in Israel during the pre state period (Yishuv) and early decades of Israeli independence. I am interested in law and society in general and the social role of the Israeli defense Forces in Israel in particular.

I am currently working on a book manuscript tentatively titled Military Justice: The Creation and Implementation of the Legal System of the IDF during the 1948 War. The book portrays the creation of the Legal system of the IDF during the upheaval of the 1948 War and examines both the writing of the Israeli military Law and the practice of the law in the military courts. By analyzing the legal code and five hundred legal files opened for review for the first time since 1948, it tells the story of a society without sovereignty and portrays the collective values that entailed the creation of a legal system initially based on pure voluntarism and shared Zionist beliefs.

In Israel I teach courses in the Hebrew University's School of History and in one of Israel's military Academies. While in Madison, I teach an advanced undergraduate seminar titled "Palestine 1948: Myth, Memory and Historiography" that explores the currents that lead to the eruption of the 1948 War and its evolvement from an inter-communal war into a full time conventional war. In class, students are asked to critically read and discuss materials which represent the opposing Israeli and Palestinian encounters of the war thus deciphering the contradicting narratives of this formative event.